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Carefully chosen ingredients.
Thoughtfully balanced textures and flavours.
Meticulously crafted in small batches by hand. 
Father's Day 2019 
*Prices do not include tax
Bonbon Collection $18
*Made with fresh dairy. Shelf life 3 weeks. 
Salted Caramel Ganache 
Bubble Bar  $15
*Made with fresh dairy. Shelf life 1 month.
Peanut Butter 
Bubble Bar    $13.50
Plain Toffee
Small $4.75
Large  $9.25
Pecan Toffee
Small  $5.75
Large  $11.25
Crispy Praline Bars  $7.50
(Hazelnut praline, milk chocolate, and crepe wafers)
Toffee Puddles  $3.50
Milk Chocolate 

Pate de Fruit  $6.50
(pear, strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, passion fruit, mango)

Candied Nuts $4.50
(caramelized peanuts and 
almonds coated in dark chocolate 
and icing sugar)

Rochers  $6.75
(slivered almonds, coconut, crepe wafers)
Strip Bar $7
Milk and Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie $2
Brownie $2.50
6-pc Salted Caramel Ganache Bonbon Box $10
*Made with fresh dairy. Shelf life 1 month
Mint Tiles  $2.75
( 6 pc)

email orders to: chef@guildchocolates.com
Orders are in-store pickup only
Open to the Public : Saturdays Only 
 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Kitastrophe  $6.50
(rice crisps, toffee bits, caramelized peanut bits, peanut butter)
PB & J $5.50
(black currant pate de fruit and
peanut butter ganache)

Single Origin Bars $4.25​

​Kokoleka Milk 38% + Maldon Salt
Kokoleka Semi Sweet 55%
​Ecuador Nacional 65% + Maldon Salt
​Madagascar Ciollo 65% + Maldon Salt
Sur Del Lago Venezuela 65% + Maldon Salt

Tea and Tisanes 
(Wee Tea Company, Scotland) 
45 grams loose leaf

Earl Grey $7

Rhubarb Rooibos $7

Gunpowder Green  $7

Mango & Passion Fruit  $7

G & Tea  $7

Blue Cheese Walnuts  $4.75
​(salted caramel + pecans)
Smoked Rose  $9
*grown in the foothills of Scotland

Orange Tiles  $2.75
( 6 pc)

Beer + Pretzel Toffee
Small  $5.75
Large  $11.25
Beer Toffee Puddles  $3.50
Dark Chocolate + Guinness Toffee

Honey + Chocolate
Chocolate Cherries
Tart Dried Montmorency 
Father's Day Box 
 $50 (includes HST)
-12 piece bonbon assortment
-beer + pretzel toffee
-beer puddles
-Hawaiian 55% bar

Exclusive to the Father's Day Box:
-beer caramel log
-PB&J 2.0 bar

Raspberry Caramel Log  $3.50

Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar

Lemon + Pink Peppercorn
(White Chocolate) Bar

Lavender + Candied 
Lilac Petals Bar